Wands and Wings
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Wands and Wings

Wands and Wings 2 is here!Tia Faylinn is finding it hard to cope with life now that she has turned thirteen. She must remember she is the Queen of the Fairies. Life on Earth depends on it.


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Wands and Wings - Book 1

In this magical debut book, Jo Malizia weaves a story of otherworldly adventure.

How does a 12-year-old girl manage life with four sisters, middle school, and being Queen of The Fairy Realm?

Tia Faylinn comes from a long line of Fairy Queens. She and her two younger sisters live a magical life between Earth and The Fairy Realm. But Tia's reign is about to come to an end because she will soon turn 13 - the age a Fairy Queen loses her wand and wings and all knowledge of the Fairies to become fully human.

However, Tia's final days as Queen are not very enchanting. A split that occurred in The Fairy Kingdom 400 years ago produced a bitter descendant who has returned to reclaim the throne.

Queen Tia must now convince her two older teenage sisters to remember they were once Fairies so all five Faylinn sisters can return to The Realm.
The girls must rely on their magic, wits, and cheerleading skills to battle the evil queen, Neferria.

It's a battle that affects Wishing Stars, Fairy Tales, the Birthday Wishes Bureau, the Department of Fairy Godmothers, and the very essence of life on Earth.

  • Fairy Facts 

    ● The Fairy constitution lists very specific rules Fairy Royalty must follow while living in the human world.
    ● The Offical Fairy Register includes "Fairy Tales" which are actually historical records of The Fairy Realm.
    ● A few Adults can see Fairies... if they remember. A tapestry hangs in the palace to honor these adults.
    ● The crystals on the star of the Faylinn Sisters' wands link to The Fairy Sovereigns' Star which gives the girls their magic.
    ● Fairy Chocolate is made from the finest ingredients found in the universe (and a highly guarded secret.)
    ● Humans can fly...if a Fairy gives them a blue hat.

  • About the author

    Jo Malizia is a member of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) and has worked with children as a sign language interpreter for many years. She currently lives on the Central Coast of California. She still remembers.

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